Avoid paying late fees by signing up for ACH auto-draft. Auto-draft is deducted on the 25th of each month unless you call to change. If you wish to continue to receive an emailed statement after signing up for ACH auto-draft please contact the office.

Trashy Business - County Waste Collections, llc P.O. Box 800 Powderly, TX 75473-0800                                            Phone: 903-732-4801 E-Mail: trashybusiness@trashybusiness.com 

Important Service Reminders:
If you are making a current payment after 4:00pm on the 25th of the month (ie. paying for April on or after 4:00pm on 4/25) your account will still be on hold the following day, to avoid service interruption please pay by 4pm.  We run routes on all holidays including Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day unless a sticker is left on your cart explaining a day change.  For guaranteed pick-up please place trash containers no more than 5 feet from the road the night before your scheduled pickup day and leave available for the entire day (route times are subject to change). 

Trashy Business - County Waste Collections, LLC

Contacting us, signing up for service, and paying online is easy. We service all your garbage disposal, trash pickup, waste removal needs in the Paris, Sulphur Springs, Cooper, Clarksville, Honey Grove areas.

Login Instructions:
Please enter your account number (provided in your monthly email) and your password (the last four digits of the primary phone number we have on file).  A security feature is in place that will require you to refresh the screen if you enter an incorrect account number or password on your first attempt.

Payment Instructions:
Banking software will not accept duplicate check numbers from month to month; using the date eliminates this issue. Example: 32018​     

​A banking fee is assessed if the information is entered incorrectly and the check is returned as 'unable to locate account'. If using credit union information, please verify the full account number; often it is not the member number on your member card. Routing numbers are always 9 digits and if local will begin with a 111 or 311 (see image below for example). Account numbers vary by bank and may begin with zeros that are necessary to write a check. The account number will never be over 12 digits long so that it can not be mistaken for the debit card number associated with that account number. The check number will be duplicated at the bottom of each check. Symbols around sets of numbers may be mistaken for digits. Please call if you have any questions regarding the information you are entering.