Trashy Business

County Waste Collections - Trashy Business 
Paying online is easy!

Please enter your account number (provided in your monthly email) and your password (the last four digits of the primary phone number we have on file).  A security feature is in place that will require you to refresh the screen if you enter an incorrect account number or password on your first attempt.  

If account is behind your payment must be made by 4:00 pm one business day before your scheduled pick up.  We run routes on all holidays including Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day unless a sticker is left on your cart explaining a day change.  For guaranteed pick-up please place trash containers no more than 5 feet from the road the night before your scheduled pickup day. 

Trashy Business - County Waste Collections, llc P.O. Box 800 Powderly, TX 75473-0800                                            Phone: 903-732-4801 E-Mail: 

Use any four digit check number but do not lead with any zeros or repeat numbers month after month.  If you use a duplicated check number we will be changing it to a date.  Example: 82517